Little Star Speech Therapy offers a wide array of services to our clients. ​ 

Diagnostic Evaluations

Little Star Speech Therapy will conduct a comprehensive speech and/or language evaluation on your child utilizing the most up to date standardized assessments. During the evaluation, a parent interview will be conducted so all background information and parental concerns can be included in the evaluation process. The evaluation results determine will help determine your child’s current level of functioning and any appropriate communication diagnosis. From these results, a diagnostic report will be provided to parents that details these results, any diagnosis, as well as a detailed plan of treatment, including therapy frequency and speech and language goals to focus on. ​

Consultative Services​

Speak with owner and lead SLP, Jennifer Schober, regarding any communication concerns you may have for your child. Jennifer will answer any questions you may have regarding developmental communication milestones, the therapy process and accessing your out-of-network benefits. ​

Therapy Services​

Speech and/or language therapy is the most effective way to treat communication disorders. Following the evaluation, a treatment plan will be developed to target all areas of weakness. Your child’s therapy will focus on remediation of areas of weakness and increase functional communication skills. ​

Advocacy Services​

Has your child had a speech or language evaluation within the schools? Does your child receive speech and language services in the schools? Are you unsure of the results or recommendations for services? Little Star Speech Therapy provides advocacy services to families. We can review any speech or language reports, evaluations, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), treatment plans or goals and objectives to insure your child is receiving the most appropriate services for their needs. We help families understand these findings and advocate for you.  ​